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Magnifying Glasses

Don't miss a thing! A magnifying glass will help you read small text, such as that found on instructions, prescriptions, electronic devices, books, crossword puzzles, mail, and credit cards. A magnifying glass is essential as a first aid tool if you are trying to locate a splinter or small injury. Read the fine print can be rough as we age, for that reason alone, always have a magnifying glass on hand!

Hands-Free LED Magnifier

Wholesale Hands-Free LED Magnifier Price: $12.72

Great for reading small print, viewing close-up details and working on crafts...

Tweezers With Magnifier

Wholesale Tweezers With Magnifier Price: $36.43

Easily view small items with this Tweezers with Magnifier Set featuring a compact...

Scratch Resistant Magnifying Glass Set

Wholesale Scratch Resistant Magnifying Glass Set Price: $18.99

Easily see small print or objects up close and in detail with this handy 3-Piece...

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