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The right scissor for the right task. We use scissors every day, both at the office and at home. A good pair of scissors is a must to keep on hand for daily tasks. Scissors come in varying styles and abilities. For general use or specific purposes, scissors are everywhere.

Blunt Tip Kids Scissors

Wholesale Blunt Tip Kids Scissors Price: $25.04

Perfect for school and crafts and designed especially for kids' small hands,...

Stainless Steel Scissors Set

Wholesale Stainless Steel Scissors Set Price: $16.03

Great for school and everyday use, this 3-piece Stainless Steel Scissors Set...

Multi-Purpose Cutting Set

Wholesale Multi-Purpose Cutting Set Price: $22.70

Perfect for cutting paper, cardboard, tape, fabric, and many other home and...

Stainless Steel Scissors With Plastic Handles

Wholesale Stainless Steel Scissors With Plastic Handles Price: $15.97

A great pair of scissors is always a practical item to have on hand. Keep these...

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